President Barrow explains why he visited Kanilai

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President Adama Barrow has stated that his visit to the family of former President Yahya Jammeh is out of respect for the former leader.

The president was in Kanilai on Thursday where he met with the family of former president Jammeh.

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And speaking to reporters, the president said: “Basically my coming here is to come and inspect the school that is here. That’s why I am here. But this is the former president’s village. If I come to this village, if I come for any purpose, it’s important for me to come and see his family especially his immediate family.

“Out of respect, out of courtesy, that’s why I came to see his family. Because as Gambians we are all the same and he is the former president. Obviously he deserves respect from every Gambian especially me as president of the republic now.

“What I told the family is: every position… One day the position will finish. It’s either you retire or you’re sacked from the position or you die. Even me, I will one day be former president. But I think every Gambian deserves respect and out of that respect and courtesy I said I will have to come and see the family.

“And I am very happy that I have seen the family. They received me very well and obviously we are talking about reconciliation. This is part of reconciliation, trying to reconcile everybody, reconcile the entire Gambian people and the family of the former president.”

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