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‘We Paid A Heavy Price, Lost Three Compatriots’-Cherno Njie

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By Omar Wally

Cherno Njie, Gambian-American property developer has said that three years have now passed since December 30, 2014, when a group of Gambian patriots attempted with purpose and principle to overthrow the illegitimate and tyrannical regime of Yahya Jammeh.

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“We paid a heavy price and in the process lost three of our compatriots: Colonel Lamin Sanneh, Captain Njaga Jagne, and Alhagi Jaja Nyass.”

Cherno Njie, the ‘financier’ of the attacks made these remarks Saturday 30, December 2017, at Banjul International Airport, upon arrival. Njie was accompanied on arrival by Alagie Barrow who was also part of the attack.

Describe by many as heroes, the two men were received at the Airport, by Omar Amadou Jallow, Minister of Agriculture, victims, family members, among others.

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We came home to our beloved homeland to pay tribute to these valiant men, we return to commiserate with their families, and their loved ones, said Njie.

‘We return to pay our respects to all those who, before and after that day, fought for an end to the 22 years of Jammeh’s rule.’

Njie said there is nothing special about them adding that their imprisonment, the momentary loss of their freedom, in the United States was but a small price to pay to add their efforts to the long quest to halt the misdeeds of tyrannical power in the Gambia.

‘We recognized evil and, together, we made our own attempt to cast it from our homeland.’

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Njie: Many before us tried to stop the despotic rule of Jammeh and his clique, a number paid the ultimate price, Basiru Barrow, Dot Faal, Ndure Cham, Saul Ndow, Deyda Hydara, Solo Sendeng, and countless others.

“The Jammeh regime imprisoned, tortured, maimed, and traumatized many; the list of victims, including Shyngle Nyassi, is tragically long. “

So, let it be known that these people and the victims are in truth the real heroes. They are the ones who struggled against evil, fought towards good.

A brutal state machinery had trapped them, yet each had the unwavering courage to stand, saying no to dictatorship, Njie stated.

“We are all victims of Yahya Jammeh. But Jammeh did not emerge out of a vacuum, he was in some way both a product and a symptom of our present society.”

Njie said Jammeh was enabled time and time again. ‘We cannot pretend to indict him and, at the same time, absolve ourselves of our ruinous mistakes.

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