Monday, July 22, 2024

Over 1.2 Billion Dalasis Kiang West Road Project on Course

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By Lamin Njie (Ministry of Transport)

Apart from the ongoing OIC project, the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure is currently implementing another important road network project in Kiang West, covering a total distance of 87km, funded by the government of the Gambia.

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Construction work on the first phase of the project, which is to cover 39km, is progressing smoothly, starting from Sankandi junction to the interior of Kiang.

The ultimate aim of this first phase of the project is to connect major districts in Kiang, such as Kemoto, Tankular, Joly, Jali, Manduar, and the rest of the other settlements in the hinterland of Kiang, in a bid to bring them closer to the main south bank road of The Gambia.

When completed, the SanKandi–Karantaba road project will link Kiang and Foni along the Bintang bolong.

Again, the project is expected to connect thousands of communities in that part of the country in terms of trade, access to health care services, education, and agriculture among other issues.

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This landmark project will not only benefit the people of Kiang and the Lower River Region but The Gambia as a whole. Gai construction company is the contractor.

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