Ousainou Darboe Refutes Allegation UDP is a Tribalist Party

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Opposition strongman and presidential candidate of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Ousainou Darboe has vehemently refuted claims that UDP is a tribalist party belonging to the Mandinkas. He was speaking at Sandu Darsilami village on Friday as he continues his campaign.

“UDP is not a tribalist party and will never be. Our primary objective is ‘UDP for a United Gambia’. A UDP government will stand for a one Gambia and will make sure tribalism has no place to survive in this country,” Darboe said.

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“I want to remind everyone that The Gambia is one; I want to remind everyone again that all tribes in The Gambia make The Gambia a country. This country’s name is not Mandinka, it is neither Fula nor Wolof but The Gambia,” Mr. Darboe reiterated.

He noted that during the time of Sir Dawda Jawara, Pierre Njie and others they knew no tribe; they knew no religion, they only knew The Gambia and put her first in all they did.

According to Dorboe the UDP’s ‘5-Point Agenda’ will benefit and protect every Gambian regardless of tribe or religion.

He used the recent UDP convert, Marie Sock as an example of a non- Mandinka who has joined the party.

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“She’s supporting UDP because she knows UDP is here for The Gambia and will always stand for The Gambia. National unity is what I want for this country,” Darboe said.

“I want to tell every Gambian that all those people that are saying that UDP is a tribalist party are trying to separate the strong union that we all have as people of this country and that all Gambians should not allow this to happen. I’m not and will never stand for tribalism but for a United Gambia,” he stressed.

He used the opportunity to urge all Gambians to desist from all acts of violence as far as the 4th December election is concerned.

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