Friday, September 29, 2023

OPINION: Hypocrisy is shaming the regression of this country at all levels

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By: Matida Jallow

There is no doubt that if Mayor Talib Bensouda had failed woefully they would have associated this failure with the party, as UDP is still being blamed for Barrow’s presidency. Now that Talib Bensouda exceptionally performed in his first tenure, they want to reduce this to his personal contribution without mentioning the party that nominated him in the first place.

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Why is it difficult to consider the successful delivery of Talib Bensouda as a true reflection of his party’s commitment to serving the people? In fact, all the UDP mayors and chairmen did well in their first term. What is being said about Talib Bensouda in terms of his delivery is true in the cases of Rohey Malick Low, Landing Sanneh, Modou Lamin Bojang, and Foday Danso. This explains why both Rohey and Landing were re-elected while both Foday and Bojang were defeated thanks to tribal politics in URR and NBR. No wonder Mr Bojang’s contender in the Kerewan Area Council Papa Tunkara attested to the performance and moral competence of Mr Bojang on King FM.

Thus, the first tenure of these UDP mayors and chairmen was marked with decency, moral competence, professionalism, development and commitment, unlike the NPP-backed chairman of Brikama Area Council, Mr Sonko, who has set a record of moral incompetency as a chairman.

Is it a coincidence that these UDP mayors and chairmen delivered to the expectations of their people? Why can’t the credit be given to the party instead of one particular individual? Are you suggesting that these mayors and chairmen operated in isolation of the policy guidance of UDP?

By the way, UDP has the opportunity to turn all these councils into political bureaus and to use their revenues for the party’s political activities as by APRC before them. Since such things never happened, UDP should be given credit for changing the operations of local councils.

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Anyone who closely monitors the performance of UDP MPs would find that they are exceptional in that legislative chamber. Without their resilience and firmness, Barrow would have turned this country into another failed state.

Therefore, the performance of Talib Bensouda and others cannot be imagined in isolation of UDP, as in the case of UDP MPs.

Thus, instead of suggesting that Talib Bensouda should be the flag bearer of UDP, you recommend that UDP present someone who has a similar interest like Talib to take the country forward. However, insisting on Talib only suggests more than what you people are actually stating.

If anyone wants to join UDP or to vote for the party’s candidate in the next presidential elections, his or her decision should not be conditioned to the candidature of a particular person, as if no one in the party can equal that particular person. More surprisingly, such a suggestion is coming from people who label UDP with all negative names.

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If we want this country to move, we have to be honest with ourselves. Unnecessary hatred of a party member who sacrificed and continues to sacrifice everything for the salvation of the country would only benefit those who are only interested to divide us along tribal lines and to loot the scanty resources of the country for their own enrichment, while we will continue to suffer under their watch.

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