On the security concerns of The Gambia

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By W Saine

After the stabbing of a young prosperous Gambian with a promising career another incident of robbery occurred at Kerr Seringe.

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This kind of armed robbery was unique according to how I understand it because it happened at a central location and there were people awake in that house but all that did not stop the robbers from forcing themselves into the compound premises and forcefully taking belongings leaving a girl seriously injured.

This is a double threat emergency alert to the authorities handling security in this country that they need to do something immediately to disable all bandits, criminals and armed robbers throughout the length and breadth of the country.

My recommendations are: the police and the army need more active men and equipment on street patrols; the police and the army need to look into their recruitment plan and make it attractive so that a well off citizen can think of resigning from his job and join the service to protect his country; the police especially should engage the National Assembly to scrap off the maximum 72hrs detention and give the police the needed time to process and investigate suspects before handing them over to lawyers only to be freed on bail; [and] the National Assembly should increase the budget of the police and the army.

Moreover, the surge of crime rates in our societies should not be politicised because we are living in a democratic secular state and that obviously comes at a price, one of which we are currently experiencing as a result, security concerns. I suggest to every Gambian to think of finding solutions to the problems of security in our homeland rather than sabotaging the authorities for political gains.

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