By Fatou Camara II

Gambians have expressed their views over the growing number of political parties after the registration of the Democratic Party by IEC took the total number of political parties in the country to 17.

The Gambia has seen a proliferation of political parties since the overturning of Jammeh’s dictatorship four years ago.

Alagie Muhammed Darboe, a Gambian comedian told The Fatu Network: “This is very worrying, Gambia is a developing country. Even in the developed world America as big as it is have only two major political parties (democratic party & the Republican) and the population is about two hundred million people and Gambia is just about 2millions or so. Therefore, if we have sixteen, 17 latest update, political parties it’s just a clear cut manifestation of self-center attitude and greed.”


Lamin Ceesay on his part argued: “The situation of our country is very frustrating and discouraging. Therefore the emergence of political parties is very welcoming and I hope we get to find someone who will feel the pains of Gambians.”

A Gambian artist Gladi Moss said: “To me this makes no sense because Gambia is too small to have about 16 political parties. Personally, I think coming together and work for the betterment of the country is far better.”

As it stands, there are no laws in the Gambia which stops anybody to form his own political party and going by the current trend the country’s number of political parties is only expected to increase.