Monday, June 17, 2024

Mamadi Kurang: ‘Credibility starts with honesty and transparency with people’s money’ 

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Mamadi Kurang, a prominent Gambian political figure, recently endorsed Hon Bakary Y Badjie for KMC Mayor in the upcoming local government elections. However, this endorsement was met with criticism from some quarters, prompting Kurang to respond to his critics.

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Kurang emphasized the importance of honesty and transparency in politics, stating that “credibility starts with honesty and transparency with people’s money. What is integrity if you don’t do what you promised?” He then directed his attention towards a critic, Juldeh Jallow, and asked whether they knew how the KMC revenue of the past four years was spent.

“By the way, KMC collected over one billion in 4 years. Do you know what it was spent on? Since you seem to know so much, you might be helpful,” Kurang stated, raising important questions about the transparency and accountability of the current KMC administration.

Kurang’s comments come at a time when there is growing concern among Gambians about the lack of transparency and accountability in public office. The KMC administration has been criticized for its handling of public funds, with many citizens demanding more openness and honesty from their elected officials.

Hon Bakary Y Badjie, who has been endorsed by Kurang, has made transparency and accountability a key part of his campaign. His pledge to be open and honest about how public funds are being used has struck a chord with many voters, who are increasingly demanding more from their leaders.

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As the local government elections draw nearer, it remains to be seen how much of an impact Kurang’s endorsement and his questions about transparency will have on the outcome. However, his comments have certainly raised important issues that need to be addressed by all those seeking public office. Gambians deserve leaders who are transparent and accountable, and who are committed to using public funds for the benefit of all citizens.

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