Monday, February 26, 2024

Lowe’s conviction ‘is beginning of the end for Jammeh’ — Baba Hydara says

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By: Hadram Hydara

Baba Hydara, the son of slain journalist and co-founder of The Point Newspaper, Deyda Hydara, has told The Fatu Network that Bai Lowe’s conviction for crimes against humanity in Germany is the beginning of the end for former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, who had given the directive to murder his father.

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Bai Lowe was on Thursday sentenced to life in Germany for his involvement in the death squad known as Junglers, a squad that was responsible for assassinating opponents of the former Gambian president, including journalist Deyda Hydara.

In an interview with The Fatu Network immediately after the verdict was announced, Mr Hydara expressed his satisfaction with Lowe’s conviction, saying it was a positive step in the right direction towards holding Jammeh accountable in court.

“We feel a little bit of relief because we know very well that the order came from Jammeh, so this is a start in bringing Jammeh himself to court.

“Because after Bai Lowe, there is Ousman Sonko in Switzerland and there is also Correa in America, so we hope that all three will be [found] guilty, and the next one will be Jammeh,” he told The Fatu Network.

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Asked if Lowe’s conviction is the beginning of the end for Jammeh, Hydara said: “Yes, it is the beginning.”

He went on to commend the German judiciary for holding Lowe accountable for his actions against Gambians.

“We are really happy about the German justice [system] because they made it possible for a Gambian to be tried in Germany”.

Speaking about the emotional toll Lowe’s trial had on him and his family, especially when he sat in court and looked at Lowe, knowing that he was involved in the killing of his father, Hydara said: “I was the one present during the trial and of course, it was not easy for me. During the trial, I could see that the guy had no remorse whatsoever, which broke my heart”.

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Although justice has been served in Lowe’s case, Hydara said he would not be fully satisfied until Jammeh is brought to court to answer for his crimes, since he ordered the killings, torture, and forced disappearance of so many Gambians.

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