Monday, June 17, 2024

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Jariatou Lowe, wife of former Gambia National Army Warrant Officer Bai Lowe has been released from detention close family sources say. Jariatou Lowe was arrested over a month ago by Gambian authorities and detained at an unknown location.

Ms. Jariatou was freed but her 13 year old son, Yusupha Lowe still remains in incommunicado detention alongside Pa Alieu Lowe, Bai Lowe’s younger brother.

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The trio were arrested after the former Warrant Officer joined a team of Freedom Fighters to oust the brutal regime of Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh. Since the botched attempt on his regime, the Gambian dictator crackdown on innocent citizens for barely being family, friends and relations of suspected dissents who came to the tiny West African nation to return it to democratic rule.

The behavior of the Banjul regime goes on to show gross violation of basic human and constitutional rights that exit in this country of barely 2 million people. Jammeh’s orders are apparently more supreme that the constitution, which has a 72 hour detainment limit without charge.

None of those in detention so far have being charged or taken to court.

“No force can take over this place,” President Jammeh said in an interview warning dissents that those that try to overthrow his government “will die.”

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It came as no surprise that some detainees were tortured and that the autocratic ruler who claims he can cure AIDS said he will not have mercy on those that try to oust him adding he will “set an example.” Jammeh, the Kim Jong Un of Africa’s North Korea said “it is an eye for an eye” this time around.

Those arrest were not only as young as 13 but also as old as 84. Among them, Ms. Metta Njie, mother of Lt. Col. Lamin Sanneh.

Those arrested are held across secret detention facilities mostly in the outskirts of the capital, Banjul.

Activists are expecting Mr. Jeffrey Feltman, a UN Under Secretary for Political Affairs to hold meaningful talks with the opposition leaders and address the impunity that has plagued the nation especially after the December 30 events.

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