LAMIN NJIE – OPINION: It’s sad to see folks celebrating Jammeh’s madness… anyone who has the victims at heart will not take pleasure in anything the mad man has done just to escape justice

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The hypocrisy and inconsistency of Gambians laid bare yet again.

I did doubt that Jammeh would have the guts to try to impose his style of leadership on Gambians ever again. While I actually all along paid mind to the fact he can be unpredictable, I still doubted he would sit in Equatorial Guinea and try to treat Gambians with contempt.

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Let me make a confession: I wrote my previous article after a privileged chat I had with a respected leader of APRC. From our conversation, I could tell Jammeh was up to something. Or so it turned out.

Citizens have reacted variously regarding Jammeh saying he’s not approving the APRC-NPP alliance. I have seen a lot of celebration of it too, most of it coming from UDP folks.

If you ask me, nobody should celebrate Jammeh or anything he does. This man made a victim of so many citizens and these citizens are after him for justice. The least we could all do is to be sensitive to the pain of these victims.

Yet, the people celebrating Jammeh’s action are doing it because therein lies political expediency for them. They hate President Adama Barrow so bad they would endorse and support anything that could see him lose power. Yet, these are the people who say from the other side of their mouths they are with the victims. Anyone who ever cares about the victims will never express joy at anything that seeks to make Jammeh escape justice.

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Jammeh did what he did simply because he doesn’t trust the leaders of APRC, if they could at all make him return to the country and facing no justice. He simply doesn’t want APRC to be a party to anything that could see him answer to his crime. He wants a team that can guarantee his safety. One of the ‘dismissed’ leaders of party said Jammeh expected to return home before the election and when he realised that’s not happening, he changed his mind.

I am not writing just because I want APRC to do an alliance with NPP so President Barrow can win, but I just want to see the party liberated from a mad man.

As the victims march this morning, let them know anyone who celebrated Jammeh’s actions do not have their interest of justice at heart.

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