LAMIN NJIE – OPINION: APRC leaders must stand their ground… Jammeh doesn’t own this party and they must not let him think he does

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Dodou Jah laughed when I suggested the sacking of former President Jammeh from the party. He laughed because he believed it’s unthinkable. It’s actually thinkable if you ask me.

These reports of former president Jammeh addressing supporters in Kanilai on Friday have raged since last week. Members of the No Alliance Movement say the former president will be addressing them. I doubt it.

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There has not actually been any solid answers to questions of what Jammeh really thinks of the APRC’s alliance with NPP, even as those with authority in the party have said he endorsed it. I will be disappointed if he actually did not and the leaders went ahead to say he did.

While Jammeh remains the supreme leader of this party, he does not own the party. He is just co-founder like Edward, Yankuba, Tamsir Jallow, Baba Jobe and even FJC.

Yet, the No Alliance Movement members are causing a lot of problems for the mainstream APRC and they seem to have no cogent strategy in addressing these problems. These people are being listened to by APRC supporters and the sooner the party’s leaders know this the better for them and the party.

But the APRC-NPP alliance remains the decision APRC’s executive took and it should be final. Jammeh doesn’t own this party and they must not let him think he does.

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If Jammeh does speak on Friday and say anything that seeks to undermine the authority of the executive, it would be ripe to dismiss him from the party. APRC is not owned by any individual or tribe, rather it’s a party of the entire Gambia.

Lamin Njie is the editor-in-chief of The Fatu Network. The views expressed in this piece do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of The Fatu Network.

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