Monday, April 22, 2024

Kombo Central & Basse MPs vow to boycott Assembly session

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The National Assembly Members for Kombo Central and Basse Constituencies have vowed to boycott the Extra Ordinary Session of the National Assembly slated on Monday, 16th January.

The two independent parliamentarians called on their colleagues to respect the verdict of the Gambian people and abstain from any illegality.

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Last Saturday, the Office of the Clerk of the National Assembly announced that it is convening an extra ordinary Session for 2017 from Monday January 16-18 to discuss and approve issues of national interest, urging all National Assembly members to attend.

“I am not going to be part of anything that will be against the interest of the Gambian people. I am not going to legitimize it. Whatever the outcome of the session would not be the interest of the Gambians,” said Hon. Buba Ayi Sanneh, NAM for Kombo Central.

Honourable Sanneh called on the National Assembly Members of the ruling APRC Party to save their honour and dignity for the last time. He said the noble house of the National Assembly is meant to serve the interest of the Gambian people, adding that they are elected by the Gambian people and should represent their interests.

“Whatever decision we make against the verdict of the Gambian people would be a gross violation of the Constitution,’ Hon. Sanneh said.

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Hon. Muhammed Magassey, National Assembly Member for Basse Constituency also said he is not certain to attend the session. ” I am not certain I would not attend the session tomorrow, ” Hon. Magassey said.

The Basse Constituency MP said he does not know the agendas on the table as he was not officially informed. He said he only heard the announcement like any other person.

Meanwhile, its reported that outgoing President Yahya Jammeh allegedly wants to take advantage of his party’s majority in the National Assembly to extend his term that would expires on the 19th January.  But it is also said the National Assembly does not have the Constitutional mandate.

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