Kexx Sanneh’s Alleged Kidnapping

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By Zakaria Kemo Konteh, ZKK

The circumstance(s) surrounding Kexx Sanneh’s reported kidnapping has generated intense debates and interests among our social media community. Like many, not only am I deeply troubled by the brazen and audacious part of the operation but also by the very personal nature of it all.

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Kidnappings don’t often occur randomly. Perpetrators usually have some connections with their victims and they know what they are looking for when they strike. For this reason, they take meticulous planning, preparation, rehearsal and execution.

Those who had carried out this assault on Kexx had to have known him and were familiar with his routine, striking when the young man was very vulnerable. The fact that Kexx was gagged, bound and dumped in a cemetery also highlighted deep personal resentment harbored by his kidnappers towards him. The exact motive though shrouded in mystery and likely subject of rigorous police investigation.

Thetefore, as investigators work hard to piece together what really happened, Kexx’ treatment at the hands of his kidnappers could provide critical clues to determining their true  motive and their level of sophistication. For example; was he tortured while in captivity? If so, what kind of torture was meted out to him? Was he given food and water or allowed to use the bathroom?  Was he questioned during the entire time he was  detention and what types of questions were posed to him? What part of his political or personal activities was the focus of his kidnappers? Does he remember any little detail about the location or the room he was held in?

Am sure Kexx will be able to shed more light on these and many more to the appropriate investigating authority. But, it could also take the turn of complex, drawn-out  investigation especially if key details are scanty and/or eye witnesseses not available or unwilling to come forward.  We encourage anyone with credible information or helpful tips to please share with the police so this investigation proceed smoothly and speedily and a satisfactory conclusion/resolution  reached  – the identification, arrest and prosecution of the criminals behind this dastardly act on our fellow citizen.

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Meanwhile, we offer our prayers and words of comfort to Kexx and his family. No human being, let alone a Gambian, should have to endure such a terrifying experience in the streets of our dear country. We condemn it in the strongest possible term. And In praying for Kexx’ well being as well as his physical and emotional healing from this traumatizing ordeal, we are grateful that he is reunited with his family and continuing his work for the country we all love.


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