Kandeh: If Barrow asks me to carry a carton I will

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By Omar Wally

The Leader of Gambia Democratic Congress, Mama Kandeh has said if President Adama Barrow asks him to carry a carton of medicine on his head and take to it to the people, he will do it. Kandeh said he is not doing it for Barrow but for the Gambian people.

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Kandeh: I don’t see Barrow as my enemy, he is my president and I respect him and I will give him all the respect he deserves. But I will not reserve him one second, if he does something and is not in the interest of the Gambia people.

Kandeh who brought in excavators to dig-up the gutters in Banjul for the smooth flow of water in city and donated 100 bags of cement for the maintenance of the gutters made these remark on Sunday.

He declined to comment on the amount of money involved and the source of funding denying claims that the project is meant to woo Banjulians to get their votes in the upcoming election adding is meant to contribute his quote as a citizen. “Even before I start politics, I have been assisting people and I will continue to do that till the last second of my life.”

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All what I’m doing is to make sure that Banjulians get a conducive environment.

He call on Gambians to come together as one nation, saying he doesn’t see other political opponents as enemies adding that they are all talking about the same country, so why should they fight.

“We all have one intention and that is to develop the Gambia and each and every one of us is saying he can do better, let us remember that this is our country, we cannot make progress when we are divided.”

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