Friday, April 12, 2024

UPDATE: Jammeh taking inventory of ‘belongings’

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Former president Yahya Jammeh is said to have dispatched a team earlier Today to take inventory of his vehicles and animals before he leaves the shores of The Gambia, a security source informed the fatu Network.

“A team was at his garden gathering his animals to be sent to Kanilai and his cars.” The source disclosed.

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The team’s first stop was in Farato from where they proceeded to his Siffoe Farms to take inventory of his cows.

The belongings which many say belongs to the state are to be kept in Kanilai, his home village until he is ready to move them again.

The former president himself later joined the team at early hours of the morning to make sure that everything was put in place.

Meanwhile, the expected departure time for Jammeh and a few security officers was scheduled at 4pm Gambian time which has elapsed. We continue monitoring.

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