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Jammeh Family Complains Of Hunger Since The Departure Of The Former President

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Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh’s family in Kanilai is complaining of hunger since Jammeh left the country in January and went into exile.

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Araba Jammeh one of his brothers explained his ordeal as to what led to their recent arrest by members of the Police force during an interview with him at the former president’s resident in Kanilai. He explained that after Jammeh left, survival has become a big concern and nightmare for them. “Myself,  Sainey Jammeh, and Jalamang Jammeh including our young family are suffering a lot, we can no longer  maintain the hardship”. Araba said.

He disclosed that they spoke to one Alieu Sowe about the difficulties they are faced with. Alieu Sowe is a former member of GAF and trusted aide of former President Jammeh. He is also overseeing his properties. ‘‘We asked Alieu Sowe to inform the (big man) President Jammeh that we are suffering, he is the one who used to take care of our living expenses. Since he left the country, survival has become a big problem for us,’’ Araba Jammeh said.


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Araba said when Alieu Sowe contacted the former president, he gave instructions for each of them to take 10 cattle at one of his farms and sell it so they can use the money for their survival. He said few minutes later the people who bought the cattle were picked up by Police officers and were questioned about the cattle. Araba said they told the police that they bought the cattle from them and the police called them to answer at the Bwiam Police Station.


“We were questioned about the cattle. We told them that the cattle were given to us on the instruction of our brother. He gave the orders for us to sell and use the money for our survival,’’ he explained.
The former President’s brother said that the police later transported them to Major Crime Unit (MCU) at Police headquarters in Banjul. He was released on bail that very day while the others were detained overnight until on Friday, May 12, 2017. He added that they were granted bail and asked to be reporting on bail.


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‘‘We are not taken to court but still reporting on bail. I appealed to them to let me report at Bwiam Police station instead of the Police headquarters which is too far from me, I am also not feeling well. I am now allowed to report at Bwiam station few weeks ago,’’ he said.


Araba Jammeh confirmed that his brother Sainey Jammeh has left the country and that the people who bailed him were arrested and detained in connection to Sainey Jammeh’s failure to report on bail. He disclosed that before Ebrima Sanneh and AJammeh Jammeh got arrested, some officers came for Sainey but they did not meet him at President Jammeh’s home and they arrested his two relatives then went with them to Bwiam station. They were later transported to the Police headquarters in Banjul for further questioning.


‘‘The two were later released on the following day, they are currently reporting on bail at the Police headquarters in Banjul,’’ he said.


Meanwhile, the family disclosed that many people want to invest in Kanilai but are afraid of threats and the recent ongoing incidents that have occurred this year.

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