Friday, September 29, 2023

Islamic lecturer: ‘Gambia does not need a multiparty system’

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Sheikh Musa Jallow, an Islamic lecturer at Tallinding Islamic Institute has stated that the Gambia does not need a multiparty system and urged the National Assembly to urgently look into the matter by amending the clause in the status book (Constitution).

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He made this statement on 16th April 2023, after giving lectures at the Westfield monument youth development conference organized by NAFA Financial Service in partnership with Red Cross Society.

Currently, the Gambia has close to 19 political parties pursuing power, but Jallow sees such as not necessary in the country.

“We don’t need a multi-party system in the country because the Gambia is very small for such (a multi-party system).

Or even if the country is to have a multi-party system, let it not surpass two to three political parties. And we can do this because The Gambia belongs to all of us.

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But this cannot happen beyond the parliament. The parliament should look into the constitution to address this issue,” he said.

Jallow urged youths not to fall into the traps of politicians to separate them- lashing out at politicians for playing the art of use-and-dump on young people.

“The politicians will come to you and say this person is this tribe. Such remarks will separate us; they will make us not like each other.

“Any country that looks into tribe will not develop that’s why we have only one Gambia. And it is only Gambia that we should see and nothing else,” he stressed.

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“They (politicians) will tell the youths to come and come for me and bring partisan politics. They also put this in the mindset of the youths that the party is the best and the other party is not the best.

“This will bring separation. I always emphasize this in my preaching that partisan politics brought us the problems and we should look into them. It has put us into separation.

“It has caused people to dislike each other because of party politics. After all, we are all Gambian,’’ Jallow added.

“The Gambia can have only two to three parties; if this party rules for two terms; it gives the baton to the other party to rule for two terms and it goes like that. If we do this; we will live in peace and develop this country without any difficulty,” he stated.

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