The Minister of Interior has urged men and women of the Gambia Police Force to work within the law, respect the fundamental human rights of Gambians and overall, the Constitution.

Mai Ahmed Fatty was speaking on Wednesday during his first visit to the Gambia Police Force Headquarters in Banjul since assuming office in the new government.

According to him, the Police Force overwhelmingly have good men and women but also they have others who have less regards for the law and do not care much about procedures and the Constitution.

“These few, we must all work together to change their attitude so that together we can continue to work as a team. There is nobody who cannot be reformed. When we work together as a family, we will be there. When you manage people, you find good and bad, tolerant and intolerant, hesitant, discipline and indiscipline, mature, and excellent etc but if you want to chose one group, and you will not work. We should influence each other, manage, lead and inspire. That is what you Commissioners and senior officers are expected to do” he said.

He further urged the senior officers to be tolerant with the junior ones and understand even their family problems because that can come along at work.  He urged them to be like families and understand that they are serving Gambians.