Monday, July 22, 2024

‘In most cases they’re wrong’: Halifa Sallah blasts those attacking national assembly members over state of emergency

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Halifa Sallah has said he is ready to make himself available to the media to answer questions about the national assembly’s role in the coronavirus crisis response, as he lashed out at self-appointed experts of the House’s standing orders or the constitution.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Mr Sallah said: “It is important for you the media houses and I’m volunteering to be part of those you will invite as long as we can guarantee greater health security to those who will attend. But to invite all the members of that committee (select committee on state of emergency) and I will be with them. Because there are claims everywhere of what has gone…, what is happening in the national assembly.

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“Start inviting the national assembly members together to debate national issues. This is when you will know who is doing what is right, who is doing what is wrong, who is saying what is right and who is saying what is wrong. Not somebody who put himself as the owner of laws and knows everything to try to tell you who is right and who is wrong.

“And in most instances they are wrong in their conceptualisation of the standing orders or the constitution. You’ve seen that I said I am going to the national assembly to make a difference. And I will not be there after this term. I’m not interested in pleasing anybody because I’m not going to stand again to be a national assembly member.

“Maybe for another election but not for national assembly. So what am I telling you to try to win you so that you can support me or to window-dress? And all of you can see the guidance I’m providing in the national assembly, in terms of procedure. That’s evident to all of you.”

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