Monday, June 17, 2024

Hon. Ceesay Calls for Security Empowerment Following Tragic Shooting

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Hon. Omar Ceesay, a former opposition lawmaker in Gambia, has called for the empowerment of the country’s security forces in the wake of a tragic shooting incident.

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Ceesay emphasized the need for adequate funding for the security apparatus from the government and its partners.

“I called on the President, Minister of Finance, Interior, Defense, the Inspector General of Police, the National Assembly, and other relevant institutions to allocate sufficient budgetary resources to the security sector for the benefit of the nation,” he said.

Ceesay highlighted that the safety of security officers is crucial for them to effectively carry out their duties.

He argued that the recent incident exposed weaknesses and gaps in the security apparatus, hindering the forces’ ability to fulfill their responsibilities.

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“Without proper equipment, skills, and intelligence to prevent and respond to attacks, the vulnerability of law enforcement personnel becomes evident,” he added.

The former lawmaker also stressed the interconnectedness of security, stating that the safety of the public and their properties cannot be guaranteed if the safety of the security forces is compromised.

He questioned whether the ongoing Security Sector Reform (SSR) initiative has made any significant impact on the security apparatus, considering the recent incident.

Hon. Omar Ceesay’s call for security empowerment aims to ensure the safety and effectiveness of Gambia’s security forces in protecting the nation and its citizens.

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