Two Guaranty Trust Bank customers have lodged formal complaints to The Gambia Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (GCCPC) saying that GTBank violated their rights.

GT Bank issued a press release stating that effective 1st August 2018, Verve cards will be issued free of charge at their branches and ATM withdrawals will be without any charges. The press release further went on to say a monthly maintenance fee of D50 will be applied on all the Verve cards.

However, two customers are not the least pleased with the D50 maintenance fee saying it doesn’t favor them.

‘Initially when ever we do transactions they will deduct D5, now GTBank is saying with or without transactions D50 will be deducted.’


If you calculate that every year GTBank will deduct D600 from my account for maintenance with or without transactions, the customer stated.

When we contacted the Bank’s Managing Director, he declined to comment on the issue. However, GCCPC, confirmed that two GTBank customers have lodged a formal complaint and that they are dealing with the issue.

‘ We are taking actions as specified under consumer protection act 2014.

Here’s an excerpt of the customer complaints