Wonders shall never end. Particularly in the Gambia. Definitely. I do not get it. Criminalising the innocent and sanctifying the villain. How could we hasten to heap tons of dirt on the leadership for the wrongs of others? That is neither freedom nor democracy. If the truth be said. Just because the press has to be protected by upholding enshrined freedom of speech and press regulations, the latter can defraud us and be protected? Not in my world. For 12 years, the management of Daily Observer press knew by law it has to pay tax in order to be operational yet it condescendingly refused to comply despite time without number. Now GRA is exercising its duty, we think it is trendy to castigate it. Very convenient. If anyone should care about the dozen of the paper’s staff is its management. If they had complied with their taxes, we would not be having this discussion today. This attitude of wanting to be relevant by endeavouring to protect the unprotected does not augur development and justice. It further makes us relax with irresponsibility and corruption. Even if Goloh Ajumah owns it, as responsible and good citizens, the Observer management should have ensured that they pay their taxes. How can we as conscientious citizens hasten to protect those who rob us of our lifelines? Government should not only close the paper but repossess and auction it to recover all monies the paper owes.


We want Gambia to be a city state desk on solid institutions of good practice and governance. But that cannot be attained if we remain u just to ourselves. No matter how you loathe a person or system be objective and fair in your dealings with them. If we are really serious about holding our leadership accountable, we must invest in developing ourselves first to understand how and what is required of us. Some of us don’t even know what constitutes a government and how it operates yet we strive to be its moderator. To be a driver, one has to learn to drive first. Others just flow with the tides in order to become relevant and be seen of men. Attitudinal change is all we need to make Gambia a Dubai of Africa. How many of us when avail the opportunity will resist enriching themselves at the expense of the rest? Are we willing to sacrifice our time and resources to help develop the country? If it takes to institute an Anti-Corruption body to curb corruption that says a lot about us. How about our attitude to work? Public properties? We love our country yet we steal from it. What kind of love is that?

I am keeping it brief. My readers complained of my articles being long. You see I listen and value your opinion.

Sulayman Jeng
Birmingham, UK