By Lamin Njie

Giboro border officials have said that a man dressed in a white gown did indeed appear at the country’s southern border.

Media reports on Tuesday said border officials at Giboro last week fled their office after they mistook a man dressed in a white robe for former president Yahya Jammeh.

The man said to be a Gambian army soldier, was dressed in Yahya Jammeh’s trademark white robe, with a scarf wrapped round his neck, wielding a stick and wearing dark glasses.


A security official who doesn’t want to be named told The Fatu Network: “[It]’s a lie (that the officers ran away). I was there. The man is a soldier serving in the Gambia Armed Forces. It’s true that he did dress like Yaya Jammeh.

“When this man came out of the vehicle, every body was saying he looked like Yaya Jammeh. I’m the one who jokingly told guy that he nearly met the station empty because we thought it was Yaya Jammeh. The guy was not coming in, he was going out to attend a gamo in Cassamace.”