Friday, April 12, 2024

GAP congratulates ‘newly elected 5th president of Senegal’ Diomaye

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By Dawda Baldeh

The Gambia Action Party (GAP) leader Musa Ousainou Yali Batchilly has congratulated Bassirou Diomaye Faye, ‘the newly elected 5th president of the Republic of Senegal, for his election victory on Sunday”.

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Faye contested the presidential election under the embattled PASTEF and became Senegal’s next leader, defeating the incumbent-chosen candidate Amadou Ba.

The GAP extends gratitude to Senegalese for ensuring a peaceful election.

He said the recent presidential election in Senegal has not only demonstrated the democratic spirit of the Senegalese people but has also showcased the maturity and tranquillity that prevailed throughout the entire process.

“Your commitment to peace, unity, and democracy is truly commendable, and I salute every one of you for upholding these values with such grace and dignity.

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I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Basirou Diamoye Faye, the newly elected 5th President of the Republic of Senegal,” he said.

Batchilly, who endorsed PASTEF’s chosen candidate a week before the election, said Diomaye’s victory marks the beginning of a new Senegal.

“Your victory is a testament to the trust and confidence that the people of Senegal have placed in you and your party, Pastef.

As you take on this significant role, I urge you to remember the journey that has led you to this moment – the struggles, sacrifices, and the collective spirit of the Senegalese people who have entrusted you with their hopes and aspirations for a brighter future,” he added.

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The Gambian opposition leader further reminded the president-elect that the road to progress is never easy, and challenges may lie ahead.

However, he expressed optimism that with the unwavering support of the people, Senegal will undoubtedly continue to flourish and prosper.

He emphasised the importance of remaining committed to the values of integrity, honesty, and transparency as we work together to build a more inclusive and prosperous future for all citizens.

“As we celebrate this historic moment, let us not forget the power of unity and solidarity that has brought us to this point.

“Let us stand as one, united in our shared vision of progress and prosperity, and let us honour the trust placed in you by the Senegalese people as we strive to make Senegal a beacon of democracy and hope for the entire continent.”

For Batchilly, Senegal under the leadership of PASTEF will be liberated from Western Influence.

“I extend my congratulations to President Bassirou Diomaye Faye, Ousmane Sonko, the engineer behind the victory, and the Pastef party on their well-deserved win.

“Let us move forward with determination and courage, knowing that together, we can achieve greatness and make our nation proud,” he added.

GAP leader commended Senegalese for exercising their constitutional rights peacefully, saying this manifests democracy and peace.

In conclusion, Batchilly urged President Adama Barrow of The Gambia to work closely with the new government led by the Pastef party in Senegal.

“Let us work towards strengthening and deepening the vibrant and inclusive ties between our nations and enhancing the bonds of friendship and cooperation within the ECOWAS region.

“Congratulations, Senegal – may this victory mark the beginning of a new era of prosperity and unity for all,” he ended.

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