Gambia’s National Assembly has voted and revoked the State of Public Emergency that was passed and declared by the country’s former President Yahya Jammeh.

The Assembly also revoked the extension of the life of the National Assembly which was extended to further 90 days.

It could be recalled that former President Jammeh and the National Assembly, which his party controls on 17th January, 2017, declared a 90-day state of emergency and further extended the term of the National Assembly following the political impasse that almost plunge the country into military invasion to oust him after refusing to step down after loosing the December election.

In moving the motion on Tuesday at a session in the Assembly Chambers, Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Majority Leader of the National Assembly urged the members to revoke the state of emergency in accordance with the constitution.

“I want to urge the members to support the resolution base on the alleged conditions no longer exist,” he said.

He said its only the president who has the power to declare state of emergency which could last for 7 days when Parliament is sitting and 21 days when they are not sitting.

Hon. Jatta the petition by the youth groups calling for the Parliament to revoke the ‘state of emergency’.

The group described the actions of the Parliament as ‘unpatriotic’ and ‘disappointment’ to the Gambian people. It called for them to publicly apologize to the people.

“I respect their opinion but disagree with them. If they did not trust us then let them vote us out. We are representatives of the people,” he said.

Hon Samba Jallow, the Minority Leader seconded the motion. He said he was not part of the resolution the day it was passed in the Parliament saying the reason was that the decision was not taken in the interest of the Gambian people.

“The reason was to subvert the decision of the Gambian people. There was no existing condition to warrant such declaration, it simply meant to impeach the swearing of the elected president,” he said.

Hon Jallow explained that the mandate of the outgoing president was destined to end after 22 years, saying he had tried several efforts to stay in power but does not bear fruit. He however, acknowledged some achievements registered by the former president towards the country’s development. 

“We would want the incoming government to smoothly work with the national assembly for the interest of the country,” Minority Leader posited.

Hon. Abdoulie Saine, Member for Banjul Central congratulated President Barrow, saying he is the president for the whole country.

“If we start to fight there will be no development. We have different political parties and ideologies but have to respect each other’s opinion that is democracy,” Hon. Saine said.

Hon. Cherno Omar Jallow, Member for Upper Niumi openly apologised to the Gambian people. He said he has chosen to remain neutral to the resolution.