It is my standpoint that concerned Gambians should explore the possibility of suing the Gambia Government and President Adama Barrow to stop France’s gradual annexation of the Gambia with the help of West African Francophone nations spearheaded by Senegal. We will sue him in our courts or take the matter to ECOWAS or other international courts.

Similar attempts by the French were tried on Gambia’s previous leaders but failed woefully out of incompatible policies and great leadership demonstrated by our presidents, culminating in France’s covert involvement in ousting both leaders, President Sir Dawda Jawara in 1994 and President Yahya Jammeh in 2017. I am a living witness but will conserve the details for the right time. This is about the looming crisis the Barrow government is deliberately or inadvertently ignoring in France’s impossible effort to control our political and economic destiny.

Of course, the foolish, ill-informed, undereducated and certain Gambian judases seem to have been since 2017 happy to watch as we lose our sovereignty to this greedy foreign power; but it is now abundantly clear that France is going to use Senegal and other West African Francophone nations such as Togo and Ivory Coast to do this dirty work for them.

The acceptance of the Gambia government to replace ECOMIG in 2022 with mainly West African Francophone police forces will not only be illegal but tangential to any effort of ECOWAS or the international community to help the Gambia’s quest for a so-called meaningful democracy. Crisis-prone Ivory Coast constantly overwhelmed by a mutinous rebel army certainly needs a more urgent ECOWAS peacekeepers than the peaceful Gambia we have been living in. Excluding Nigeria from the rogue deal seemingly lobbied by France through stooges like Mackey Sall has nothing to do with the principles laid by ECOWAS to work in harmony for the common benefit of member states. I could however excuse Ghana’s participation in the police contingency on that country’s current mandate of chairing the subregional organization but do expect them to withdraw from the nonsense as soon as another country succeeds them next year. The late Dr. Kwame Okuruma and Jerry Rawlings will be rolling in their graves to hear that Ghana the cradle of Africa’s liberation struggle, is in this 21st Century under President Nana Akufo-Addo being manipulated into compliance by a low-IQ Senegalese puppet leader, President Mackey Sall in such a nasty French-neocolonial scheme.

Just like at the United Nations and all these world organizations, it is no longer a secret that superpower nations merely use them with the help of their puppets to pursue their nefarious crimes. Please spare me any logical reasoning of the ECOWAS block loving the Gambia so much that it will bypassed Nigeria and other West African English-speaking countries and assemble a predominantly Francophone police force including Ivorians for deployment in Anglophone Gambia because Gambians are too troublesome, stupid and lack the fundamental capacity and discipline to police their own country. Indeed it becomes more insulting when the decision is taken without consulting the Gambian people, our judiciary or legislature but restricted to an inexperience-undereducated executive.

Without doubt most Gambians particularly the ill-informed were since 2016/17 too naive to understand the deceptive motive of Senegal’s and France’s intervention in our political impasse with the help of our worst politicians and diplomats; but after four years, only those in denial still consider it the “blessing in disguise” they thought it was when it was actually all about France’s control of our political and economic destiny assisted by minions like Presidents Mackey Sall and Alasane Ouattara of Senegal and Ivory Coast respectively who will rather throw their parents in a dungeon full of poisonous snakes than challenge anything desired by French President Emmanuel Macron. Simply put, Macron and the French government want Gambia in the neocolonial Francophone Zone and there is nothing to stop our bastards from delivering our country to the “toubabs, even if it means turning the country into another failed state like what happened in Libya since 2011.

When it comes to France’s colonial or neocolonial interest it has always been what they want or the destruction of any country or leader in resistance. That’s why Gambians should be careful in challenging the French scheme to annex us; France will not hesitate to arm rebels and dissidents to destabilize and render the Gambia ungovernable just to prove to the world that without them nothing could work. Hence the need to first sue the Gambia government and illustrate how nowhere in the world nations or people will accept this kind of nonsense and above all how the Gambia was in the past failed by foreign troops taking control of our security forces. I will be willing to testify as expert witness on the subject in any court of law.

Follow the track record of French colonialism and neocolonialism from Vietnam, Southeast Asia, to all parts of Africa, e.g., Algeria, Libya, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, Mali, and it would shown nothing but a consistent pattern of France having it their way or destroying any resistance from leaders or countries. Unfortunately, Senegal has always been there with them in their colonial and neocolonial destructive path.

On a final note, it is fair to say that the Gambia TRRC contributed immensely in sending the signal to an imperfect world that our security forces lack the “standard global perfection” that makes them untrustworthy and a national risk warranting indefinite foreign intervention and presence in the country. That could be one good reason for ECOWAS to endorse Ivory Coast of all nations to be among those Francophone forces to police the Gambia next year as if we are definitely expecting national crisis in 2022.

Since the TRRC has successfully instilled in the minds of our security forces that acting tough on crime, criminals and even on terrorists is a serious human rights violation (Essa Faal) and a violation of the Geneva Convention (Dr. Lamin Sise), France and Senegal could always reflect on that stigma as a need to take charge of our national security. And mark you, Senegalese forces in the country have murdered Harona Jatta a peaceful Gambian demonstrator and was treated more like an example of their liberty to exercise raw brutality against Gambians than violating any human rights or the Geneva Convention which further seem perfectly normal to our government and the TRRC hypocritical conformists. “Never again”! Really? The struggle continues!!!

Thanks for reading!