Sunday, June 23, 2024

Gambians call to ‘Stay At Home Day’ on Tuesday

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All Gambians have a responsibility to defend our Constitution and the rule of law and to protect and nurture a culture of peace and stability in the country.

Since December 9, all Gambian groups in the civil society and private sector as well as citizens inside the Government and in our communities as well as the international community have spoken out in clear, direct and unequivocal language to tell Outgoing Pres. Yahya Jammeh to step down and respect the verdict of the People of the Gambia.

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Hence it is urgent that citizens do not stand by and allow this country to slide into a violent conflict. None would be victims and losers in that case other than ourselves and our children and future.

All Gambians, in the public, private and civil society sectors must therefore stand for the Gambia by staying at home to peacefully send a clear message to Yahya Jammeh that We the People demand that he steps down in the interest of the Gambia. We want peace and democracy.

By Madi Jobarteh

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