We were promised our newly elected President and National Assembly would do a total overhaul of the AFPRC (Jammeh) system “root and branch” — not cook up one failed substitute after another.

We were promised good healthcare and education policies!

We were promised fiscal responsibility and spending cuts — not spending hikes that have sent our national debt soaring over billions!

We were promised a new national constitution!

We were promised employment opportunities for youth and women!

We were promised things would be different this time!

We were told The Swamp’s days were numbered!

But the “Do-Nothing UDP-Led National Assembly” headed by scaredy-cat House Speaker, Mariam Denton and Majority Leader Kebba K. Barrow has so far delivered…

Virtually nothing.

Folks, no matter how you slice it, 2016 was a LOUD-AND-CLEAR message from the Gambian people that we’re FED UP with the status quo in Banjul!

Yet, The Swamp (tactical alliance) apparently thinks its “safe” to go back to the Yaya Jammeh old games — and you and I won’t notice!

It’s up to you and me to prove them WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

If we don’t, we could miss one of the best opportunities we’ve had in years to bring our country back from the brink of another totalitarian rule.

But the good news is, after the entire political world was turned upside down in 2016, politicians from all parties are still incredibly wary of the power of grassroots patriots like you and I.

So folks, it’s time to show the “Tactical Alliance” and its National Assembly that you and I mean business.

It’s time to show them they can either KEEP THEIR PROMISES or find new jobs.

As you’ll see, I’m urging the “Tactical Alliance” and Members of Parliament to KEEP THEIR PROMISES TO:

-Produce a National Development Plan: Long overdue. House members must put pressure on the executive to produce and table the national development plan without delay.

-Do a total overhaul of the APRC System! We still have so many corrupt and dishonest Jammeh loyalists manning top civil service positions. This is flat-out UNACCEPTABLE!

-Cut government spending. The unnecessary travels of ministers and other government officials is worrisome! Top civil servants are hunting for per diems like no man’s business! It’s time for National Assembly to finally CUT SPENDING!

-New Constitution. Without a new constitution, we’re still living under a dictatorial regime. Take it or leave it but that’s the holy truth. We must depart from the Jammeh era of doing business. All bad laws must be repeal ASAP. Parliament and Justice Ministry must get to work and deliver us one soonest!

-Create Jobs: We need the parliament to pass bills that would bring jobs to the country’s frustrated youth and women.

There’s absolutely nothing I want more right now than to BREAK through the Big Government bubble and light a grassroots fire under this National Assembly.

But I’m counting on you to help speak truth to power!

Gambians, the only way you and I don’t miss the opportunities we have in front of us today are if Members of Parliament understand their days are numbered if they don’t deliver.


Yankuba Senghore
Concern Citizen