The Gambia – GRA SCANDAL 2.0

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Dear Mr Sallah,

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Honourable Member of Parliament

You may have been aware that the Managing Director of GRA, Yankuba Darboe, recently presented Two (2) brand new cars to President Barrow. It has to be said this is quite disturbing reminiscent of the Jammeh-era excesses. The remit of that parastaral is simply to collect tax revenue on behalf of the Gambia government – Nothing else or more.

As an oversight scrutiny body in Parliament, sincerely I urge the chairman of the Public accounts committee (PAC/PEC) to write or summon this moron Yankuba Darboe to answer for his sins. Yes he should be called into the “House” before the committee to acquaint himself and the decision therein. Why is public money spent on useless cars for a president who doesn’t need them; and what national intetest does it serve? Such bribery and largesse is what we have fought for, yet still trying to do away with in this dispensation #NewGambia.

In recent months, I’d called for the swift replacement of the clueless heads of public-owned parastatals therein, and the country’s unworthy diplomats around the world; and it pays well the administration took heed. However, this GRA buffoonery remains the last clog standing, echoing nightmares of favoritism and playing the “Tribal-Card”. That aside he is as corrupt as they come – just look at the houses and cars he “own” across the country. No wonder the Gambian people are beginning to lose hope in Barrow and his cabinet. And certainly, confidence & morale is low amongst the diaspora visioning a transformational leadership.A word of advice to Foreign Minister Darboe – learn to consult and to guage opinion given the illadvised appointment of Jammeh-enabler Abdoulie Bojang who could barely spell the world “globalisation” as Ambassador. Based on democracy terms, one often argued for appointments based on merit. Bojang is a discredited shameless scum, and his appointment should be rescinded henceforth.

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On a crystal clear starry night across the London sKyline, I write with a sense of deja vue, unhinged, still searching for ethical leadership the Gambian people truly deserve.

Gibril Saine, LONDON.

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