Tuesday, May 28, 2024


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“While we want to encourage a culture of tolerance and the freedom of expression like in any democracy, this must not be equated with chaos or be used as an opportunity to tarnish the reputation of or smear innocent people”. _ Justice Minister
I am always disappointed anytime the justice minister speaks recently, following your comments, we could see a high sense of defending our public officials and institutions.
It is essential to note that, the deeper culture of tolerance and freedom of expression is guaranteed and built by us (citizens), not your office or any other government official, and must not be dictated by you or any other public official.
Your claims and comments that, people are using the newly found freedom of expression as an opportunity to tarnish the reputation or smear innocent people is a threat to  democratic principles, as citizens we have no business with individuals and their way of life and what they do wrong or right at the private level. We stand to put checks and hold our government officials and institutions to account in their dealings with the affairs of the state.
Sir, i want you to understand that, if citizens are not accessing accurate and reliable informations, it will always result to speculations. Therefore we demand, access to information laws forthwith.
Omar Saibo Camara
Political science student
University of The Gambia

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