Salaam sister Fatou, I have a very important concern about the the Gambia ferry services. We vote NOT ONLY for government changes BUT for System and Services changes across all the departments and institutions . People crossing and drivers suffers a lot at the Banjul – Barra ferry crossing , a person with a vehicle spending days at these 2 terminals without access to cross with your vehicle because of nepotism, because of corruption, because of bribery, because of favourism, because of, because of…. by the workers at the said terminals. Government should react quickly and put an immediate stop to these evil actions and unacceptable service deliveries. We’re all equal to the abiding to the dictates of the law therefore all should follow the rules and regulations.

As I’m writing you this, am here at Barra since 3pm till now 22pm I couldn’t cross with my car.

Also people want to know why the new ferry sometimes stop operating at 3pm till the following morning?

These are really a very big concern to the general public. Please help us to share this to the public.


May Allah bless and protect you for your endless effort for the Gambia. We love you….