Thursday, November 30, 2023

Fear and Terror In Foni As Gambia’s Chief Witch President Yahya Jammeh Embarks On Witch Cleansing Exercise In His Birth Place

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There is unease in much of Foni, in the Western Region of the Gambia, where the President Yahya Jammeh originates from. Once again, local residents in the Fonis are being humiliated through a deliberate process of harassment and intimidation accusing innocent villagers of being witches.

Just over the weekend, drama unfolded in the birth village of President Yahya Jammeh when a member of the Bojang Kunda family fell ill. President Jammeh true to his usual trait of deep involvement in superstition and superstitious believe…..among it, believe in witchcraft, immediately got security officers to assemble the entire village for force confession.

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According to credible sources who spoke to The Fatu Network, innocent villagers, some of whom were accused of being witches and wizards, were asked to confess where they had taken the heart of the sick relative of the President to. Mind you, in President’s shallow mind, witches and wizards have the capacity through magic to steely remove a living person’s heart or other vital organs which are kept in some remote place…..leaving the affected person at the mercy of slow but painful death.

And much to the surprise of dumbfounded villagers, a certain Aina Bojang, who is a blind man, was immediately assigned by President Jammeh to go on a hunting spree for the organs of the supposed bewitched relative of the President in the adjacent bushes.

Escorted by overzealous military officers from The Gambia Armed Forces, Aina immediately hurried into the fallow bushes in ‘Kafenkeng,’ a village near the President’s birth village. After wondering in the bush for several hours, Aina returned with the soldiers but this time with the good news that the organs removed from the body of the President’s relative have been returned back and all was well for the supposed sick guy.

Even though Aina could not see (being blind), he still told the President that the organs from his sick relative’s body were tied on a tree in the bush and that they were only returned after he performed some rituals done only by those who could see the unknown.

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After briefing the President of their successful surgeon in returning back the organs of a sick relative of the President, Aina and his team of soldiers started going round in Kanilai entering house to house warning people from refraining in witchcraft. In one house in Jammeh Kunda, Aina and his team found a sick woman whom they said was attacked by witches. The victim’s mother who for some reason remained adamant her daughter was not attacked by any witches, was left alone and Aina and his team of gun touting soldiers rushed to President Jammeh’s house to debrief him of their mission.

It is common knowledge that President Jammeh is deeply involved in witchcraft and this dates back to childhood days. In December 2015, The Fatu Network unearthed the truth surrounding the death of President Jammeh’s father which his family continue to have been caused by witches. President Jammeh grew up with such an anger against a whole society always believing that there is another power that is capable of taking people’s lives other than the living God.

With such a confused mind-set engaging the President’s daily life, it is not surprising that he is too preoccupied with issues that have no bearing on rational thinking.

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