Fatoumatta Njai has thanked Abubacarr Tambadou for his service to the nation saying on Monday she wished his critics have done a bit of what the outgoing justice minister had done.

Mr Tambadou on Monday appeared at the national assembly for the last time as attorney general and minister of justice.

Banjul South MP Fatoumatta Njai bidding Mr Tambadou farewell said: “I think I have been one of the hardest on Ba in this national assembly. Not because I question his integrity but I know Ba can take us where we wanted to go. That was why I kept pushing.

“I stopped having breakfast with Ba at his place just because of work. Because I wanted to detach our personal and professional work. But Ba, I wish you well. I know that where you are going, you will continue serving us and we’re looking up to you to continue serving us.

“All I can say today is thank you for your services to this nation. You came in when it was needed. You’ve been criticised, you’ve heard so many things but I wish those people saying that have done a bit of what you have done. Thank you.”