Family members of Lamin Krubally, a man who was found dead in a police cell in Nema-Kunku Police Station are demanding for postmortem report to know the cause of his death in police custody on Wednesday, 12 July, 2017.

According to reliable sources, the late Mr. Krubally was arrested by the police at Nema Kunku Station where he was detained until his untimely death without any clear reasons as to what cause his tragic death.

The devastated family members said they were not allowed to be present during the postmortem. They said it was only the police and a doctor were present in the room without any of the family members. The family of the deceased thought they were barred from the postmortem room because the police were trying to hide something from them.

Family source told this medium that despite several attempts, both the police and the doctor could not give them any explanation as to the cause of death but the photos taken by the police camera man at the postmortem showed injuries on the deceased’s head.

‘‘Why we were not allowed to witness the postmortem? Are they hiding something from us?” family source said.

The brother of the deceased said no explanation was given but they were told to go home when the postmortem document is ready it will be sent to the Office of the Inspector General of Police, Interior Minister and the EFSTH hospital.

‘‘I asked what about the family and the doctor said we should make follow up on him,” he asserted.

Mrs. Rohey Jarju, widow of the deceased has two children, the youngest child is 4 years old. Overwhelmed with grief and sorrow, Rohey is demanding answers from the authorities to explain the cause of her husband’s death in police custody. She sobbingly described her late husband as a responsible hard working man who was the breadwinner of the family.

‘This is the most painful moment of our lives. We want to know what happened at the police station,” Rohey Jarju said.

She added: ‘‘we are deeply saddened. We want to know the truth because he has gone and never to come back. How did my husband die, I also want to know why he died in a police cell while in detention.”

Meanwhile, Lamin Krubally was laid to rest on Monday at Nema Kunku Cemetery in the presence of family members, friends and loved ones.