Gambia’s Interior Minister has insisted that no stone will be left un-turn in the quest to recover the missing and stolen millions and misappropriated assets by former President Yahya Jammeh and his enablers during the 22 years rule of the former APRC government.

Mai Ahmed Fatty made the declaration on Monday during a Press Conference by the Ministry of Finance on the state of the Gambian economy after the departure of long time ruler Yahya Jammeh to exile in Equatorial Guinea.

As the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs is working closely with the Ministries of Interior and Justice in this endeavor, Minister Fatty was invited to the event to speak over the security issues when the need arises.

He said “even if it will require us going to Equatorial Guinea and bring someone back to recover our monies, we will do it. It is the Gambian people’s monies and everything will be accounted for” he said.

According to Minister Fatty, all the lost, stolen and misappropriated assets must be returned to the Gambian people because it belongs to them. He repeated that the D500 million he earlier mentioned was just a tip of the ice bag saying more discoveries will be made soon.

Meanwhile, during the Press Conference, Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh reported shocking financial scandals at institutions like the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation, Gamtel, Gambia Ports Authority and Carnegie Mining Project among others. He cited a debt of D48.3 billion left behind by the former regime of Yahya Jammeh.

He described the conduct of the former President and enablers as a total betrayal of the Gambian people saying APRC is a  disaster in human rights, socially, politically, fiscally and monetarily, economically and financially.

Minister Sanneh assured that under the new government and strong goodwill of international partners and the urgency with which they have come forth to assist and support a new Gambia that is full of freedom, democracy, human rights, rule of law and with sound fiscal and monetary policies, they will strive and work and pray to achieve the development aspirations of the people of new Gambia.

He then made it clear that the government will take all steps and measures to ensure that all lost, stolen and misappropriated assets are returned to the Gambian people. He said the Interior Minister and Attorney General and Minister of Justice will have all information on the preliminary findings to take appropriate actions.