Dr Samateh predicts Gambians will have best healthcare services in near future

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By Fatou Camara

Health Minister Dr Ahmadou Lamin Samateh has said Gambians will get the best healthcare services in the ‘very’ near future going by the caliber of people both at the ministry and the health departments.

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Speaking on Thursday during the launch ceremony of two fogging machines donated to the National Malaria Control Programmme by Rotary International and Rotary in the District 9101, Dr Samateh said the nation’s health sector is moving forward.

“Will like to inform the gathering and the people of this country that Gambia is moving forward, the health sector is moving forward. There is a lot happening in the health sector. Facilities are being strengthened, new health facilities are being constructed, old facilities are being upgraded expanded and a whole lot of medical equipment are being procured and more are being procured for the people of this country,” Dr Samateh said.

Gambians have continued to argue the country’s healthcare sector is retrogressing but the health minister thinks otherwise.

He said: “With the caliber of people we have at the ministry, at the directorate and program levels, we are very hopeful that the people of this country will get the best health care services in the sub-region in the very near future.”

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