Monday, June 17, 2024

‘Dou Sanno attacked Faye Manneh, slapped him and broke his phone’: Angry Alkalo confirms assault on GDC candidate, disavows inviting presidential adviser over for politics

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By: Dawda Baldeh

The Alkalo of Sare Talata village in Gimara Constituency Bambayel Mballow has denied inviting Dou Sanno, an adviser to President Barrow to his village for politics, confirming Dou Sanno’s alleged assault on GDC candidate for Julangel Ward.

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“I never invited Dou Sano to my village. I don’t know Dou Sanno and he doesn’t know me,” the angry village head clarified.

Mr Mballow added that Dou Sanno only talked to the village imam.

“I was sleeping when a police chief (chief messenger) came and told me that you need to come to Sare Talata to talk to the people.

I said no problem because I was not expecting that you are coming to hold political talks,” he added.

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According to the village head, the presidential adviser mentioned Mamma Kandeh and his candidate for the council election which he noted triggered the violence.

However, he said Dou should not have engaged him in politics as they (Alkalolu)are supposed to be neutral.

“You should not talk about politics or even attack others if you mean you came to engage the youths.

When you started talking, I was scared that conflict will arise because I was not expecting that this was the reason you came to my village for,” he explained.

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The angry village head asserted that if he knew Dou Sanno’s visit was to engage him in politics, he would have not allowed that.

“Dou Sanno attacked Faye Manneh, the GDC candidate for Julangel Ward in my presence. He slapped him and broke his phone,” Alkalo Mballow explained.

According to the village head, the conflict started when GDC people came to the village and told Dou Sanno that he was not supposed to hold any political meetings in Sare Talata hence it was their turn.

“I asked the village youths not to fight you and that’s how I escorted you to your vehicle so that you can leave the village. You should stop telling people that I invited you to my village.

Only Allah knows. I don’t know you and even if we meet, you don’t know me either. You should not use my name, I am an Alkalo,” he noted.

Video footage of the conflict in Sare Talata was shared on social media outlets including WhatsApp groups showing the Presidential Adviser being chased out of the village, however, in a recent video, he (Dou Sanno) denied being chased out by villagers.

The Fatu Network could not reach Dou Sanno for comment.

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