In April 2016, the hero, Mr Solo Sandeng, left his house along with some other likeminded individuals to demand for electoral reforms. Thus, one may say that many people stirred and struggled for this reform during the past administration. The truth is that it was this idea that he (of blessed memory) paid the ultimate price. It is important that you and your government remember that this is still needed for the good of the country. It is the Solo Sandeng legacy.

I hope therefore that one of the areas of reform you will introduce will be regulations on campaign and campaign funding. It is common knowledge that now many nations around the world have introduced strict laws regulating who finances what; and whose campaign to guide prospective candidates and parties on how to go about raising funds for their run for office(s).

It is not rocket science to understand that certain sponsors of parties or individual candidates may have vested interest in the resources of the nation or region. Being allowed to fund the campaign of particular candidates or parties may therefore give them an edge over other competitors when it comes to business opportunities or investments which may not augur well for the nation at large.

If someone bankrolls the election campaign of a president, a mayor, a national assembly member or even a counselor, that person may have a stranglehold on the economy of the nation, consequence or region. We have all seen what used to happen in this country. The Janneh Commission has shown us that there were some individuals in this country had a monopoly on all bids.

It is important therefore to come up with laws which will seek to protect and serve the greater good of the country. These types of financing allow a few individuals to do as they please with the wealth and resources of the nation, mostly to the detriment of the ordinary citizens.

As we have all witnessed the near bankruptcy of the country, we should all come together and enact the right laws to protect the wealth and honor of the nation. There is a lot of work to be done so that we can start moving this nation forward.

Have a Good Day Mr President…

Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen