Friday, September 29, 2023

Darboe says D10,000 is what made MP Billay G Tunkura to betray UDP

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UDP leader Ousainou Darboe has accused Kantora MP Billay G Tunkura of betraying UDP because of D10,000.

MP Tunkura is among eight MPs UDP ruthlessly fired from the party in 2019 after they were accused of supporting President Barrow, a political rival. The MPs were said to be among MPs who were collecting D10,000 from President Barrow.

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Speaking in Koina on Thursday as part of his nationwide tour of the nation, Mr Darboe reserved some criticism for MP Tunkara.

Darboe said: “What they said about your MP is that… Well, that MP [Tunkara] is a one term MP just like how Adama [Barrow] is a one term president. You the people of Kantora know not many people knew Billay Tunkara in Kantora before 2016. It was just a few people, maybe in the Suduwol area.

“It’s UDP that brought him out, put him on a colour and show him to Kantora and the world until he became an MP. So if he is not satisfied with being a national assembly member and going ahead to betray UDP just because of D10,000. This is what made him betray UDP. But he is a one term National Assembly Member.”

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