Monday, July 22, 2024

Is The Commander In Chief Aware Of The Mass Promotion At GAF?

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I am a senior officer of The Gambia Armed Forces who is very concern about the mass promotion of officers in the army by The Chief of Defense Staff, Ousman Badjie.

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This is becoming too much, and my concern is whether the commander in chief, President Adama Barrow is aware of all the recent promotions. It seems the CDS has been acting on his own by promoting senior officers and junior soldiers each and everyday without the approval of the commander in chief of the armed forces which is unacceptable.

The Armed forces is a professional institution not a boys club or a private security, promotions should be based on merits and commitment not merely for dancing or good looks. If the president is not experienced enough to know what is going on in the army I think Masanneh Kinteh should be in a better position to put it to him.

My point is, what is the CDS up to by promoting dozens of senior officers and other Ranks. Has this been approved by the president or not? Here is the list of some of the officers and other soldiers promoted this week: Lt col Omar B. Bojang, promoted to the rank of Colonel, Maj Abdoulie Bah to Lt Col…S/sgt Sanyang Lamin FJ to WOII, S/sgt Dembo Sillah a medic to WOI…S/sgt Jarju Buba to WOII..S/sgt Badjie Abdoulie to WOII…L/cpl Sonko Fatou a cook to Sgt..L/cpl Barrow Omar a medic to a S/sgt.. L/cpl Pierre Steve paul a sport journalist to S/sgt… Cpl Jarju Musa to Sgt… Cpl Badjie Abdoulie to a Sgt… Cpl Bojang Sanna to a Sgt.. L/ cpl John Maimuna to Cpl… Cpl Jobe kajali to a S/sgt to name a few.

I do not hold any grudges against those promoted, I just want it justified, and most importantly who has the mandate to promote former minister of interior MOMODOU ALIEU BAH to a Brig General and brought him back to the army as financial director, who really is in control here??

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