BUSTED! Police arrest Momodou Jang Jallow over armed robbery he himself staged and played victim

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Police have arrested Momodou Jang Jallow over a staged armed robbery in Banjul at the start of this month.

Police spokesman Supretendent Lamin Njie told reporters on Monday: “He is somebody who operates a bureau de change. According to him, somebody called him and phone requested that he needed to change a huge amount of CFA [franc] to dalasi and so as a result he had an appointment with him this individual.

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“According to him, the following day, two individuals appeared at his bureau de change and these individuals as soon as they entered into the bureau, they attacked him and they assaulted him and they robbed him of D600,000. According to him, the robbers used knives and other weapons to subdue him and they inflicted injuries on him and until he passed out and they took D600,000.

“Upon receipt of this information, the Gambia Police Force investigation department swiftly opened and investigation into this situation and the investigation found out that in actual sense this was staged. [That] it was he himself who decided to inflict wounds himself or injuries on himself. It was he himself who laid down in what would look like a pool of blood.

“What we found out in fact was that it was he himself who used another telephone to call his other line so that it appears as if there were some people who called him the previous day. At the end of the day we realized he owed certain some money.

“He borrowed D200,000 from somebody and another person and he promised to pay these monies on time and he failed to do this and at the end of the day he’s looking for a story to explain to these individuals.”

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