Monday, February 26, 2024

Breaking: Gambian Humanitarian Crisis – Donate Now!

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The struggle is taking different shapes and forms. Here are we again asking all of you to help contribute to address the humanitarian situation at the borders! Let us show the world again that Gambians can do it again!!! It’s heart breaking but no time to feel sorry but rise up and deal with our situation! We Gambians do take charge!!

We are appealing to everyone to chip in to help our fellow citizens who have fled The Gambia with their families.

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The donated cash will go on buy the following items.

Baby Foods


These are items needed for thousands of people who have left everything they own behind just to feel safe.

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If you are having difficulties using the Gofundme payment section please contact me on 00447411669749 I will assist you or provide you with alternative methods of payment.

You can also donate through PayPal. Our Paypal address is [email protected]

Diaspora Fundraising Team

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