Monday, February 26, 2024

Borom Buzz: Gitteh’s political career doomed by five cardinal mistakes in NPP

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In a fiery Facebook live broadcast from the confines of his car, Ebou Bah, widely known as Serigne Chapa Cholly Borom Buzz, has raised five key reasons why Ahmed Gitteh, Brikama Area Council Chairmanship hopeful, would not be selected by the National People’s Party (NPP). Borom Buzz, a staunch NPP supporter, claimed that Gitteh’s missteps, including attacking the President and his family, and disloyalty to the party, should lead to his dismissal from the party. 

In a high-pitched voice, Serign Chapa began by citing Gitteh’s controversial comments about the president’s marriage. He recalled how Gitteh had questioned why Mandinka elders prefer to marry outside of their ethnicity, and had accused the president of doing the same. This, according to Borom Buzz, was Gitteh’s first mistake.

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Borom Buzz then moved on to Gitteh’s opposition to the NPP’s chosen candidate for the Brikama South parliamentary seat, which many pundits and political observers believe could have cost the party the seat citing the good chunk of the votes that went to the independent. This comes after people pleaded with him to not side with or campaign for the independent as a member of the NPP. “Where is the loyalty in this?” Borom Buzz asked.

Mistake number three, according to Borom Buzz, was Gitteh’s social media outbursts against the president and his family, particularly the First Lady. He accused Gitteh of making name-calling and threatening to destroy the First Family even after being warned against doing so.

Borom Buzz went on to highlight Gitteh’s perceived arrogance, referencing his claim that he is more educated than the president, except for Lawyer Darboe. “No one is more educated than him,” Borom Buzz emphasized, “but Gitteh had the audacity to claim that he is.”

Finally, Borom Buzz criticized Gitteh for attacking West Coast Region elders during his campaign to be the nominee for the NPP. In a Facebook live, Gitteh had questioned whether the elders were “crazy enough” to elect his rival, Seedy Ceesay, who went on to be nominated by the NPP.

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Serigne Chapa Cholly Borom Buzz concluded his live broadcast by arguing that anyone who goes against the NPP top brass should be excluded from the party, regardless of their past contributions. “These are all red flags,” he warned, “and they should have disqualified Gitteh and dismissed him from the NPP even before we reached this stage.

While Serigne Chapa Cholly Borom Buzz has listed these reasons as to why the NPP will not select Ahmed Gitteh as its candidate for the Brikama Area Council Chairmanship, it is up to the party’s leadership to make the final decision.

In spite of the reasons stated by Borom Buzz against selecting Gitteh as the candidate for the Brikama Area Council Chairmanship, he still holds out hope that the president will take heed of his message. Borom Buzz believes that the president’s veto power should be utilized to ensure Gitteh’s candidacy in order to promote peace within the NPP party.

However, it is important to note that loyalty, humility, and respect are essential traits that every politician should possess.

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Regardless of where one stands, it is evident that political loyalties run deep and often dictate the course of action. As the election approaches, only time will tell if the NPP’s decision will help or hinder their chances of success in the Brikama Area Council chairmanship.

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