By Alagie Manneh
Politician Basiru Gassama has attacked fellow APRC steward Seedy Njie, telling him to shut his mouth as the nation is bigger than both him and the former exiled leader Yahya Jammeh.

Njie has come under heavy criticism during the country’s political deadlock, as Gambians accused him of ‘being a national traitor’, after he publicly appeared to be the mouthpiece of the former leader, who lost to President Adama Barrow in the December polls and seen backing his unconstitutional stay in power.
Now his onetime fellow APRC staunch supporter felt Mr Njie’s actions were tantamount to treason, saying there was in fact no need for the Parliamentarian to accept a ’ten day’s Ministerial job’ just to fill up his pockets.

“Those people who were urging him not to concede defeat don’t love him, and they certainly don’t love the Gambia,” the outspoken politician, who ex-President Jammeh took to Mecca last year stated.
“And that Seedy Njie,” he went on, “I tell him one thing, the nation is bigger than Yahya Jammeh, bigger than him, than me and bigger than everybody. That is why I commend the coalition for their maturity to understand and maintain the peace.“At that time of our political impasse, there was no need for him to accept that 10 days ministerial position, knowing he himself wasn’t fit for that position. Why did the former Minister of Information Sheriff Bojang leave the position? He has seen the truth. Anybody who has seen the truth and the lie, yet you follow the lie, then you are not Godly,” Bass said.




He described Seedy Njie as a ‘very small boy’ who was still going to school when he enters politics, and therefore do not have what it takes to make a good politician.

“Seedy was only looking for money the man was giving him, but for people like myself, what we have done for the politics, we were doing it for the interest of our country and people,” he stressed.

According to him, the December election was free, fair and transparent.“There could be no cheating,” he went on, “in the first Republic, yes, because at that time it is conducted by the local government PS, who was the returning officer. But the IEC is independent. I commend the IEC chairman for his bravery, I commend him for the professional work with his entire staff.” He also commended the security agencies, who he said conducted themselves maturely.

“From the Chief of Defense Staff and other security agencies, I commend them all for their understanding of the constitution. The oath of allegiance they took expired on the 18. On the 19, they put their allegiance to the new elected President, who is the choice of the Gambian people.”

Asked if they could have done better, Bass said: “All the arms and everything was controlled by General Badjie and others so close to the big man. So if they acted they could have lose their lives. They have seen even camp commanders being hunted and arrested. For me, I commend and urge them to be loyal like I have always tell them, for coup in Africa is over. It ended in the era of Yahya Jammeh.”

Asked if the APRC party still has his support and influence, the outspoken politician replied: “Me? Don’t you hear what I say? I am a Muslim, I believe in the will of Allah.”

On what the APRCs fate should be, Bass retorted “whatever happens to them is left to them. All these APRC supporters are strong supporters of PPP before.”

On whether the former Vice President has ‘moral ground’ to share the table with the Gambia’s new government, he said leaders must be given due respect.

He added that during the first Republic, when Jammeh overthrew Jawara, there was a Commission which  victimized people. So if this new government’s Commission is established, anybody who is seen faulty must dance to his music. What is good for John is good for Mary. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

He advised the new government to stay in unison for the development and stability of the Gambia, saying the Gambia is a blessed nation.