GDC national youth president MC Cham Jnr has joined his party leader Mamma Kandeh in saying the National People’s Party began campaigning in Niamina West shortly after the death of Demba Sowe.

GDC supremo Mamma Kandeh last week told The Fatu Network the party took motorbikes to Niamina West less than 40 days of Demba Sowe’s passing, the constituency’s lawmaker.

NPP’s Seedy Njie quickly dismissed the claims saying his party never campaigned in the constituency. Njie also insisted Kandeh was scared and paranoid.

GDC’s MC Cham Jnr has now fired back at the NPP stalwart saying NPP did campaigned in Niamina West.


He said in a statement he shared with The Fatu Network: “Seedy Njie, the Barrow propagandist at State House has accused Hon. Mamma Kandeh of being scared of losing the Niamina West parliamentary seat. Seedy Njie made these accusations after Hon Kandeh exposed President Barrow’s party for rushing to campaign in Niamina West even before the 40 days charity of the late Hon. Demba Sowe, former MP of the said Constituency.

“I wish to say this clear and loud that Niamina is our Niamina and be it Barrow or any other party, none, can win the GDC in Niamina. We shall maintain that seat when the bye-election is due. Hon. Kandeh is right. Barrow’s people took 3 motorcycles to Niamina and were campaigning even before the late MP’s 40 days charity, which is very sad.

“The likes of Seedy Njie has no credibility and moral authority in Gambia’s politics. We have seen the mess that he and a few other people put Jammeh into. Sadly, the same people who once denied Barrow from being sworn-in as president, are the same people advising him on politics. No wonder Barrow will continue to fail, and nothing can stop the GDC from maintaining its seat in Niamina.

“The projects registered by the GDC in Niamina are numerous and these include construction of boreholes, supporting women and youths, among many others. We are no match to any party in terms of provision of development projects to Gambians, talk less of Barrow’s NPP party. Even the central government has not done much in Niamina compared to GDC.

“The late Demba Sowe have complained about the lack support from government to develop his constituency especially infrastructural development but the government did nothing about it. So why are they rushing now?

“Therefore, let Seedy Njie and his party members keep quiet and wait for their first in Niamina, come the next bye-election. The people of Niamina are with GDC and nothing can change that.”