Friday, April 12, 2024

Barrow says politics is over until 2021

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President Barrow says politics is over until 2021, as he addresses a meeting in Farafenni on Tuesday night.

Barrow has kept repeating this statement in all his meetings.
Many say Barrow is using the tour to respond to those wondering whether he will step down or not at the end of Coalition-agreed three years.

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Barrow also uses his meeting to commend members of media for the good work. He recalled in the past when journalists were merely arrested for covering such meetings.
This, he says, was as result of the lack of transparency of the former government.

“We are open to the media because we have nothing to hide from the Gambians.”

The media, he says, is catered for in the National Development Plan.

“All the laws that were put in place to restrict the journalists will be remove,” Barrow said.

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Barrow, who claimed not to be on a political tour promises more development projects to advance the development of the provincial town.

Farafenni hosts many Senegalese. He therefore thanked President Macky Sall and Government for the support to providing uninterrupted power supply in Farafenni. This, he says, shows the unity between the two country. “Macky Sall was there for the country when it was tough. He contributed in having the Ecomig forces here.”

President Barrow also thanked all the ECOWAS Heads of States for joining efforts to have the ECOMIG Force.
He used the meeting to share with people the National Development Plan.

“It was was this Plan that we took to Brussels where we received a pledge of US$1.7B. Once the money comes into the country, even the cats will know about it.”

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Barrow hit at the former President, Yahya Jammeh who had promised to transform the country into Dubai and Saudi Arabia. “I am not here to give you deceiving statements.”

“Whoever comes here, tell him or her that President Barrow says “Politics is over, you can join him at State House and work together for the development of the country””

Speaking earlier on, Alhaji Mustapha Dibba of Farafenni thanked the President for the uninterrupted power supply. However, he appeals for water and electricity for the communities that are without, especially border settlement of Kerr Ali and surrounding settlements.

He informs the President that the Farafenni Police is without mobility. Dibba also appeals for a milling machine and a tractor for the Nerica Rice Growers Association in Farafenni.
Staff quarters for custom officers at the border, Dibba says, is a need for officers.

On behalf of the women of Farafenni, Fatou Ceesay appeals for a market. The existing Farafenni Market is very small and cannot accommodate all the women. “We want the government to empower us.”

Malick Samba says rice is the staple food in the country. He urges President Barrow to reduce the price of rice to the affordability of everyone.

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