Monday, April 22, 2024

Barrow extends olive branch as he meets ‘Manding Warriors’

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His Excellency President Adama Barrow has extended an olive branch, saying he’s forgiven all who ever offended him while at the same time called on the entire country to redirect their energy towards peace, social harmony and development of the country.

President Barrow was speaking on Saturday October 29th when a large reconciliatory crowd of Gambians from all works of life led by the ‘Manding Warriors’ paid a courtesy call on him at Statehouse.

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In a cheerful and inspiring speech President Barrow said the interest to develop the country supersedes all other interests which makes it all the more important for Gambians to remain focused and united behind the banner of Gambianism.

“The zeal and commitment to move The Gambia forward has never been more an important priority today than ever before….so it is critical that we all rally behind the flag of the country with unison and sense of purpose,” Mr. Barrow said.

The President added that unity is the mother of all indicators to assure the peace, progress, tranquility and prosperity of any nation. He therefore called on all Gambians regardless of their political affiliation to embrace the spirit of One-Gambia; One-People to reflect the national character of The Gambia.

President Barrow while acknowledging that modern day democracy is accompanied by intense divergence, that in itself he said, should be used to strengthen our democracy and not to disintegrate and dismantle our traditional values of respect for one another.

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President Barrow thanked the ‘Manding Warriors’ for their foresight and vision to unite their membership around the national development agenda.

To this end the President gave strong assurance to support the ‘Manding Warriors’ to fulfill the group’s desired objective of supporting its membership to engage in business to bring the price of basic commodities to an acceptable level. “This initiative is also part of national development and I profoundly thank the ‘Manding Warriors’ for their bold step to support indigenous businesses in the country.”

The leadership of the ‘Manding Warriors’ comprised of some former arch critics of the President and his government. Among the leadership are well known US based political critics Bakary Trawally and King Sports who were prominent members of the banned 3 Years Jotna Movement, which in 2019 staged protests in The Gambia urging President Barrow to resign.

Both Bakary Trawally and King Sports joined Saturday’s meeting via the phone to thank the President for hosting the executive and general membership of the ‘Manding Warriors’ to Statehoue. Both men also personally apologised to the President for their past utterances directed at him and his government.

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Messers Trawally and King Sports assured the President that their mission is to unite the Manding speaking people of The Gambia to unite and rally behind the development agenda of the county. Both men clarified that their agenda has nothing to do with politics and the group also is apolitical. They finally called on all Gambians irrespective of political belonging to embrace peace, shun violence and to do away with anything that will shake the peace and stability of the country.

President Barrow whiling thanking Trawally and King Sports, said he has forgiven all his adversaries and challenged all Gambians no matter where they are to work towards strengthening the peace and stability of the country.

He said his government is open to meeting and discussing with all groups in the interest of the development of The Gambia. “Let us dialogue to resolve any difference that may exist among us. That is the only surest way to assure our collective progress and development” President Barrow concluded.

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