Monday, July 22, 2024

Banjul North NAM Urges Lawmakers to Join Fight Against Kush

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Modou Lamin B. Bah, the National Assembly Member for Banjul North Constituency, has called upon his colleagues and fellow lawmakers to join the battle against the deadly drug Kush, which is currently wreaking havoc in the country.

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Hon. Bah delivered a speech at the parliament recently, describing the widespread abuse of Kush in the country as alarming. Kush, a synthetic drug that mimics cannabis, has seen a rise in popularity among the youth in The Gambia.

Its harmful effects on users have been clearly documented, prompting concerns from healthcare professionals and authorities, who are advocating for swift action.

As the drug continues to claim lives, it has also contributed to a disturbing increase in crime and mental health disorders among its users.

“The situation with the drug Kush is alarming, and we must work tirelessly to find a solution to rid ourselves of this nightmare,” he stated.

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Additionally, Hon. Bah urged lawmakers to join the advocacy efforts to combat this substance.

“We must remember that with each passing day, the use of Kush increases, and the situation will worsen if we do not act immediately. The impact of Kush on Gambian society is deeply troubling, and we must act now,” Hon. Bah emphasized.

He further called upon the government, specifically the Ministry of Interior, to take swift and decisive action to address the Kush crisis.

According to a situational report from a Task Force on Kush, over 11 people have died from Kush abuse. However, there is public concern about additional unaccounted deaths.

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