Monday, July 22, 2024

Bakary Badjie: ‘I am the most accessible minister in the country’ 

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Bakary Y Badjie, the Minister of Youths and Sports and National People’s Party’s (NPP) candidate to contest against incumbent Talib Ahmed Bensouda of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) in the forthcoming Local Government Elections has refuted claims that he is not accessible by the people, describing himself as the “most accessible minister in the country.”

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Speaking at a press conference held at the former KMC mayor’s residence in Talinding, Mr. Badjie described the claims of his inaccessibility as “serious and misleading”, saying he is almost everywhere.

“I am the only minister in the country who is attending [invitations] and seen everywhere. I attend every invitation that reaches my office. I attend local ceremonies organized by young people, nawettan competitions, and musical events…,” he explained.

He added that if socializing and accessibility are the basics that defined a good leader then he is undoubtedly a great leader.

“My phone number is everywhere, and people can call me anytime. People don’t need appointments to see me at work if they can bear patience.

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I may miss people’s calls which is in nature due to the engagement. But to say I ignore people is not true,” he emphasized.

The youths and sports minister further told journalists that the position doesn’t matter to him but the service he can deliver to the people.

“I heard even Musa Yali Bachilly saying I have abandoned my friends since I became a minister which is misleading. Sometimes I walk from my home to meet and interact with people in the community because not everyone will have the opportunity to meet me at their convenience time,” he noted.

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